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online personal training

  • weekly check-ins

  • scheduled workouts

  • progressive program

  • 24/7 trainer chat access

  • access to group chat

  • new workouts each month

  • home and gym workouts

  • video demonstration

  • exercise descriptions

  • access workouts from your phone

  • record weight

  • track reps

  • view weight history

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Hello! I'm the girl behind GMC HEALTH & FITNESS. Fitness has been a passion of mine for 8 years now and I love to share that with other people. I studied Exercise Science and Health Promotion in undergrad and become a certified personal trainer. I did some training with clients in gyms until covid shut them down. That is when I began training online. I took that opportunity and ran with it and now you're seeing the product of it all. My goal is to help individuals build healthy habits while also maintaining balance, so the habits remain sustainable. I strive everyday to be the best trainer and coach that I can be and I'm here to help YOU achieve your goals; whatever they may be! So let's build some healthy habits and work on our goals TOGETHER!


  • Private group access for helpful tips to get your health & fitness journey started! 

  • Initial consultation to give me insight on your fitness level

  • Personalized fitness program tailored to your goals

  • Video descriptions for each exercise

  • New workouts each month

GMC Health & Fitness training is tailored to each individual based on their own personal goals


How it works:




This is a 30 min phone call to discuss your health & fitness goals and see if we are a good fit to work together!



I personalize your program within an app that has hundreds of different workout videos and descriptions. You can keep track of your progress and nutrition within the app, chat with your trainer, me, and workout all from your phone!



We will be doing a weekly call to check-in and see how each week is going for you and your program!


24/7 chat

I am your go-to trainer during this process. Any questions, comments, or concerns that you have, feel free to reach out to me always!

This is for 
YOU if:

  • You have health and fitness goals, but don't know where to start

  • You want to learn how to exercise correctly & stick to a routine that will help you reach your goals

  • You've tried everything yourself & are looking for more 

  • You like working out on your own, but enjoy having a guide from your phone

  • You want to ditch unhealthy habits & build a healthier, sustainable lifestyle 

  • You feel as though you would benefit from guidance and accountability 

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