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meet Gianna!

I'm here to help you become the healthiest version of yourself; whatever that means to YOU. I'm the owner of GMC Health & Fitness, an online health and fitness coaching business.


I graduated with my Bachelor's in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I love health and fitness, but to me it goes much deeper than just that. My philosophy is this:

Our bodies are our machines that which we have been given to explore this world in. You get to choose which way you want to explore. I choose to explore to the best of my body's ability. I strive to be strong in all areas of my life, but I mostly strive to maintain balance. In order to maintain balance, I have to live a balanced lifestyle. What does that mean? To me it means to not go to extremes so that my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, (etc) well-beings can thrive in their existence.

I love doing what I do and I love to learn. My goal is not to change someone as a person; my goal is to better their habits so that they can achieve their goal of what their version of well-being is.




What people are saying...

"Love Gi and her workouts! They’ve made me feel stronger and helped me to fall in love with myself again. Can’t thank her enough for helping me out. I’ll continue to choose her and her services over any other personal trainer."

"My experience with GMC Health & Fitness has been outstanding. Each program I order gets better and better. She had moved I never knew about before. Working each muscle. The best was she kept me in a healthy state and shape during my last pregnancy. The prices was so reasonable. She is highly  knowledgeable about  nutrition and fitness. I HIGHLY recommend trying her one on one coaching and programs!" 

"Gianna helped me get motivated and develop a structured routine. The workouts were laid out in an easy format and also gave the option of a demo if needed. Since starting this program in early 2021 it has kickstarted my enjoyment of fitness and my wellbeing which now has become a consistent part of my daily routine. " 

"Gianna has helped me tremendously on my path towards losing weight, gaining strength, and becoming an overall much healthier person.  From dedicated and specific workouts, to her regular check-ins and encouraging messages, she was always there for me along my path to wellness improvement. There is little doubt that I would have achieved my goals without her guidance. If anyone is looking for a source of knowledge and encouragement that might be lacking in their quest to become a healthier person, I could not recommend Gianna more. " 

"Gianna helped me not only lose weight but build a successful relationship with a healthy lifestyle. She taught me tools and techniques that will last me a lifetime. The cost of that is priceless " 

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